About Us

Our Mission

The Toy Cove is a small business located in North Carolina. We believe strongly in the idea of quality over quantity when it comes to toys (and all material possessions). Today, children's bedrooms and playrooms are over-filled with commercially-made toys. While these may be expensive to buy, they're often cheap in quality, break easily, and due to sheer quantity, many of them aren't played with more than a few times.

At The Toy Cove, we think that having fewer items (in our case, toys) of a higher quality leads to greater happiness. We also understand the importance of creative play. Although we enjoy playing the Wii or watching television as much as anyone (especially at the close of a long day), we know that these types of passive entertainment are far too prevalent among today's kids. Toys and games that require children to invent and utilize their creativity (such as soft toys, clay, blocks, Tinker Toys, etc.) teach kids how to entertain themselves. Obviously this is better for the parent, who doesn't have to constantly buy new games and DVDs to keep their child occupied, but this kind of play gives the child the advantage too.

An American Small Business

As an American small business, we believe we have an environmental and social responsibility to provide toys that are not only safe and high-quality, but US-made as well. Globalization offers many advantages to modern society (such as year-round strawberries), but it has also taken a toll on the American workforce. To create cheaper products, many large-scale companies have sent jobs overseas to places where people will work in poorer conditions for less pay. The Toy Cove believes that this problem can be solved, in part, by a change in the American consumer's mindset. Again, fewer possessions of higher-quality can not only improve our overall happiness, but strengthen our weakened economy.

There's not much a small toy-making business can do, but what we can do, we strive to. This includes buying US-made materials (all of stuffed animals are made entirely from US-made materials) from which to construct our toys. This doesn't mean that we don't welcome international buyers (we do!)-- it simply means that as an American business, we believe we should be making and selling American products.


The Toy Cove's stuffed animals are hand crafted from Eco-Fi felt, a fabric constructed (in the United States) from recycled plastic bottles. Their little poly-fil insides come from Fairfield, a US company proudly producing US-made craft materials. Even the thread holding our plush friends together is US-made; The Toy Cove uses a large vintage supply of Coats & Clark threads. Currently, the only component on some toys that is not made in the United States are the poison dart frog's safety eyes, though we are currently working on a solution.

To learn more about a particular toy's materials, just visit one of the products pages below and click on a toy.